Drill Rods

CDG’s wireline drill rods are manufactured from highest quality cold drawn alloy seamless steel pipes, which contain superior yield and ultimate strength. Harding the thread and special heat process on pin thread and tube surface.

CDG’s drill rods technical parameters are accordant with Boart Longyear standards. Drill rods are available in standard length of 3mtrs, 10ft & 1.5mtrs and 5ft long. Shorter length like 1.0mtrs, 0.75mtrs, 0.50mtrs etc are also manufactured as customer request.

Drill Rod Size Available
Wireline SeriesA,B,N,H,P
Metric Series33,42,50,60,75,89,114
Chinese StandardS59,S75,S95,S110,S127,SA59,SA75,SA95
Drill RodsDrill Rods