Core Barrels

CDG offer a complete line of single,double and triple tube core barrels,which will provide superior performance and obtain the full recovery of the sample in any application of diamond core drilling.
Using a wireline system,core is recovered quickly by retrieving the inner tube directly through the drill string.The drill rods remain in the hole until the bit needs to be replaced.This has big cost advantages when drilling deep holes for mineral exploration.Standard wireline double tube core barrels are ideal for use in most of the drilling conditions and are available in B,N,H,P sizes.
Wireline triple tube core barrels enable integral core recovery when drilling coal,clay bearing or highly fractured formations.Triple tube core barrels has a higher rate of coring recovery rate,generally can reach more than 98%.The triple tube core barrels are available in N,H,P sizes.
Core Barrel Size Available
Wireline SeriesB,N,N2,N3,H,H3,P,P3
"TW" SeriesBTW,NTW
"U" SeriesBOU,NOU
ConventionalLTK48,T2 76,T2 86,T2 101,NMLC,HMLC
Chinese StandardS59,S75,S95,P56,P59,P75,P91,PA-110,PA-130,P150
Head AssemblyInner Tube Spare Parts
Core Barrel Spare PartsTriple Tube Core Barrel Spare Parts